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Transylvania concepts underlying the brand Transylvania World

The ever-growing interest among with the mystery filled atmosphere surrounding Transylvania is firmly rooted in the history of the ancient civilizations which once inhabited this land, but also in the „strangeness" factor surrounding it.  

This strangeness is owed to the lack of elementary connections, their loss (in time) being explained by the fact that history and mythology were transmitted orally. However, even if these so called „black holes" exist, and they generated debates and contradictions among historians, even if we have to deal with the lack of precise and widely accepted definitions, we have certain elements certified by archeologists and researchers.

The Transylvania World association retrieved the unquestionable elements, reunited them, recreated the missing sursăs in accordance with the historical truth, and expressed several historical and fantastical concepts which branched from the original Dacian mythology.  

On one hand the concepts define the real history of Transylvania, the real historical character Vlad the Impaler (Dracula), and on the other hand they express several fantastic concepts which themselves originated from the original mythology of the ancient inhabitants of this territory.

Our concepts are going to shed light and remove the confusions regarding the thin line between history and fiction. They will also promote this unique territory and will be the basis for quality standards for products and services which have a direct or indirect connection with Transylvania.

Note: The Transylvania World concepts are an essential part of the association brand and their usage has to quote the source and reference this website.

Other concepts

    Official concepts

  • Transylvania (Definition, etymology, geography, history and its present state)
  • Transylvania classification into three geographical areas: Central, Political and Transylvania World with its influences
  • Carpathian Mountains (Definition, setting, the connections between legends and reality)
  • Cucuteni Civilization (Definition, geography, facts about the oldest civilization of Europe)
  • Ancient Dacians (About the ancient Dacian people, predecessors of the Romanians)
  • Vlad the Impaler (Also known as "Vlad Draculea" or "Vlad Dracula", one of the most important European leaders who stopped the islamic takeover of Europe in the Middle Ages)
  • The traditional Transylvanian village (definition and overview)
  • Household in Transylvania (About the traditional transylvanian households)
  • Mithological concepts

  • Dacian mythology (Mythology spawned on today's territory of Transylvania, where the Dacians lived, the ancestors of today's Romanians)
  • Werewolf (Incorrectly promoted as a negative character, the concept has generated from the Dacian mithology)
  • Vampire (Definition and concept; global promotion because of the Transylvanian traditions)
  • Dracula (The fantastic character also known as "Count Dracula" or "The vampire Dracula", inspired by the transylvanian traditions and the real historical character Vlad the Impaler)

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