Brand growers

Members and partnerships with brand growing agencies

Members and partnerships with brand growing agencies

Transylvania World’s brand development involves a very wide range of activities dedicated for brand-growing.

From activities related to the association’s activities and projects, both in Romania and internationally, to, or in particular, the assistance of our members or licensees who found new businesses or are already operating economic activities and need expert consultance regarding branding or, respectively, marketing and communication.

Thousands of types of worldwide products and services have a direct or indirect connection with the term "Transylvania". Through standardization, some of these products and services become licensed and can be enclosed in Transylvania World’s brand.

Whether we talk about manufacturer’s own resources, whether we discuss centralized financed (by licensing fees) activities or whether we use resources from partnerships with central or local governments, there is or there will be the need for a necessary substantial expertise, consultance and maintenance for the complex brand growing segment.

Marketing service providers, with services related to the brand growing activities and not only, wishing to become members of the association or and partners can contact us here.


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