Central administration

Partnerships and initiatives for transylvania World at governmental level

Partnerships and initiatives for transylvania World at governmental level

Romania's central administration, mainly the Romanian Government, but not limited to this, is the one outlining and implementing national strategies in various fields. Most of them have a direct or indirect link with the activities for the brand development for which Transylvania World Association aims for.

Of all the ministries, 19 implement strategies and projects related to those presented by us under the new sections activities tab, projects, licensing and brand as follows: European affairs, agriculture, research, communications, culture, economics, foreign affairs, finance, EU funds, internal affairs, envinroment, business, labor, forests, diaspora, health, sports, transport and tourism.

In this regard, Transylvania World association submitted a letter of intent to the Romanian Government, addressed to the Prime Minister,presenting the association, its mission, the common statutary points of the association which relate to the ones included in the govermnent program, and we propose fulfilling a Memorandum of Understanding between the govermnent and the association the common goal being the fulfilment of the assumed mission.

We will communicate the Romanian Government’s answer here, as well as the conclusions that were reached, provided that the answer will be positive.


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