Transylvania World expert members

Transylvania World expert members

One of the components of the mission undertaken by the Transylvania World Association is globally promoting products and services in connection with the term "Transylvania". The brand that we develop is the fruit of the association’s research and strategy , in partnership with experts who join us to develop, among other things, product standards and standards for services, the basis for Transylvania World’s licensing process.

In this regard, members with expertise in various fields are welcomed and expected among our association members, alongside specialists who, in working groups for standards, along with members who are also producers and suppliers, help to turn the promise of the brand in practice, with the result being a set of products and services of the highest quality.

Whether volunteers will work alongside us, paid from the licensing earnings or from the projects based on European funds, Transylvania World experts represent the guarantee of developing up to date efficiant standards , which ensure an equal starting point in the competition with other global standards and also international acceptability for distributors for Transylvania World products and services.

Experts who wish to become members of the association and want to work with us can contact us here and we encourage them to initiate discussions with the Transylvania World.


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