Transylvania World research members

Transylvania World research members

We undertook prior research activities which showed the motivation, opportunity and the potential development of a global Romanian brand for Transylvania; We conducted research for developing the conceptual rand basis and we are starting other activities in other areas, mainly regarding Transylvania World licensable products and services.

Furthermore, by attracting members and researchers, in historical, ethnographic and many other domains related to the assumed mission of the association and in various economic fields, we will improve and we will constantly develop the conceptual and licensing base, we will draw conclusions and initiate projects aimed at increasing the brand and its ranking in order to become one of the world’s best known and beloved brands.

We will launch partnerships with entities  from the research field, in particular universities, with the research represented at a central and local government level, with various researchers focused on specific issues related to the brand that we develop.

We will also initiate projects financed with European funds in partnership with such entities, trying to maximize the development of the brand, using as much as possible non-returnable grants, as an advantage of the period in which we find ourselves.

Researchers who wish to become members of the association and collaborate with us and legal entities can contact us here and we encourage them to initiate discussions with Transylvania World.


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