Students connected to Transylvania World

Students connected to Transylvania World

Students are the category of researchers, experts in the making, representatives of the public and the private sectors whose activities and young spirit in time will help develop a strong global brand, of high prestige and high social and economic cultural impact.

We look with great interest to the adherence of the students to Transylvania World Association, to their contribution to brand development and particularly to the impact of new ideas and innovation brought by young minds.

Given the diversity of areas of activity related to the Transylvania World brand and the association’s activities and projects, every student in the country or abroad, may find his or her place in our ranks. We hope that with the development of the association, some of the students with whom we collaborate, will remain anchored in our ranks, either as volunteers or as employees or partners.

Students who wish to become members of the association and work with us can contact us here and we encourage them to initiate discussions with Transylvania World.


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