Ambassadors of Transylvania

Honorary ambassadors of Transylvania

Transylvania World ambassadors are public figures from the forefront of social, national and international media, who, by using their image and activity in various fields, have agreed to join Transylvania World as honorary members (if they desire so, as the title is purely honorific) in order to help fulfill the association’s mission.

Wether they represent arts, sports, entreprenuring, science or other areas, Transylvania World ambassadors are those who intermediate a global message, which is that Transylvania really exists, it is an integral part of Romania, it has a millenary history, it is a wonderful and hospitable realm which has to offer a tourism product built around traditional and geographic unique values.

Alongside ambassadors we rebuild the real picture of Transylvanian lands, based on the historical truth, the Dacian mythology and Romanian folklore, changing the international perception regarding vampirism and occultism, presenting the whole world the boundary between fiction and reality, the true meaning of Romanian legends and the origin of some notions related to the fake Hollywood image of Transylvania.

Alongside ambassadors, we promote both the touristic image of the Carpathian area as well as Romanian traditional products, which are unique worldwide, born in the traditional Transylvanian village and household, true standards for real natural foods or for natural handmade products.

We thank all of those who through direct connections, can put us in touch with such great personalities,  helping us to overcome our challenge and fulfill our mission.


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