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Transylvania Local Administration members

Transylvania Local Administration members

County councils and city halls in Transylvanian areas, as well as those from the counties in Transylvania’s immediate proximity, counties where the cultural, etnographic and traditional Transylvanian influences are strongly felt, represent the territorial basis for the brand developed by Transylvania World Association.

Given the mission assumed by the association, the benefits brought to local entrepreneurs on one hand and the Romanian economy on the other, the benefits that help preserve the local identity on one hand and general national identity on the other, the local administrations represent partners of great interest for Transylvania World association.

Alongside county councils and municipalities, we will identify all the elements related to developing and promoting the Transylvania World brand globally, we will conduct activities and projects aimed at promoting local entrepreneurs, local products and services, we will work to preserve and promote Romanian traditions worldwive, to promote Romania's image in the light of historical truth and detach Transylvania from the shadow cone in which Hollywood and the movie industrie projected it.

Transylvania World’s brand, according to the definition and classification of Transylvania, relates directly to the following counties’ territories Alba, Arad, Bihor, Bistrita Nasaud, Brasov, Caras-Severin, Cluj, Covasna, Hundedoara, Maramures, Mures, Harghita, Salaj, Satu-Mare and Sibiu (15) and at the same time, the sub-Carpathian territories of the following 12 counties: Arges, Bacau, Buzau, Dambovita, Gorj, Mehedinti, Neamt, Prahova, Suceava, Timis, Valcea and Vrancea, where Transylvanian influences are strongly felt, are also an integral part of the space dedicated to new brand.

In this regard, Transylvania World association will work in partnership with the 25 Romanian counties, and in the next period we will contact with the respective local governments.

County councils and city halls from the above-mentioned counties can contact us here to discuss the membership and the mode of collaboration with the association.


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