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About Transylvania World members

About Transylvania World members

Transylvania World Association fulfills its mission undertaken in accordance with the bylaws, through the leadership of the association, various categories of members organized into working groups of the founding and aspirant members. Also, the association partnerships with public and private entities, public or private, in order to identify and / or implement activities and projects.

Given the association’s broad spectrum of activities, working groups are initially structured as follows: the group of active members (management and execution), producers of goods, service providers, distributors, brand growers, advertisers, "ambassadors" central administration, local administration, researchers, experts, students and "Friends ofTransylvania". The latter, "Friends of Transylvania”, are members of the association, with rights and obligations, who show their appreciation to their mission, and who wish to support in one way or another Transylvania World’s activity.

The different categories of association members meet a critical role inside the working groups, both for the preparation of standards, namely the development of the licensing process, and for identifying and implementing activities and projects designed to increase and promote the Transylvania World brand globally.


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