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Summary and overview on Transylvania World association activities

Transylvania World’s activities (summary)

Transylvania World activities are aimed primarily at fulfilling the statutory mission of the association, namely the conservation, protection, development and promotion of global products, services, values ​​and traditions in Transylvania, in strict compliance with the principle of historical truth.

The basic activity in this context is to develop a Transylvanian brand, the creation and promotion of a story (combined concepts) which underlines the process of licensing the products and services specific to the wider region as defined by "Transylvanian World" association.

Side activities involve research, development of sustainable and efficient tools and projects for brand promotion, able to maintain and enhance its reputation internationally. Subsidiaries established abroad are part of this series of tools, their activity determining the creation of a global chain of licensing, promotion and distribution which indirectly becomes a generator for benefits and advantages for manufacturers and suppliers licensed by the association.

The outcome of the licensing activities alongside other sources make up the self-financing sources of the association allowing Transylvania World to properly sustain its activity and for investing to develop and initiate new tools.

In parallel with these activities related to developing and promoting the brand, Transylvania World launches activities for supporting its members, for helping them fit into the standards imposed by the association, to help them grow and create an overall competitive and sustainable quality market. In this series of activities we introduce a system of grants and awards whose role is to encourage their members to contribute to the fulfillment of the association’s mission.

Lastly, Transylvania World’s activities involve social assistance and charity for disadvantaged Transylvanians, especially for people isolated in the small villages and hamlets of the mountains, which in turn ensure the preservation of ancient traditions and the unique image of the Transylvanian village and household.


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