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Conceptual development is a first series of activities conducted by the Transylvania World association, which issues the concepts that underlie the Transylvania brand. The concepts, in document form, on one hand summarize the main elements of Transylvanian history, the traditional village and homestead, in the spirit of historical truth, and on the other hand summarize the most representative elements from Dacian mythology and the fantastic Romanian folklore. This is the conceptual basis, the Transylvania brand story.

Moving on, the association undertakes research and documentation to issue new concepts and sub-concepts including original ones that will be built based on the fantastic characters from Romanian folklore. This type of development permits broadening the range of applicable brand domains, allowing an increased number of products and services promoted by the association internationally, an increase in brand awareness and the attraction of new types of income earned through licensing that allows the association’s self-financing and investment.

Identifying, preparing and launching association projects is a second series of development activities aimed at fulfilling the assumed mission. These include standardization and classification of Transylvanian products and services, associated portals through which, indirectly, the global chain for presentation, promotion and distribution, original projects for protecting and preserving traditional heritage and the environment, plus various social, charitable and cultural projects are obtained.


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