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Consulting services for the association members

Transylvania World Association provides expert consultancy and training for different categories of its members. The members who are manufacturers and producers benefit firstly from the consultancy and active support. We offer financial and legal advice, including for projects financed with non-returnable funds, marketing (especially for brand growing), entrepreneurial training and guides to good practice standards developed by the association.

The association’s interest is the development of the foundation of producers and services in accordance with quality standards, so that our consultancy offer helps members form a better understanding of the role of the global Transylvania brand, the potential of the international market in terms of its role, the role and the advantage of a global distribution chain that the association is building in partnership with its international subsidiaries and other private and public entities.

We also offer consultancy and we work in partnerships with members who are local administration representatives, both on the design and tracing of local and regional development strategies, as well as the support of local entrepreneurs, manufacturers or service providers. Through the network of partners, researchers, experts and international subsidiaries, and the Transylvania World team, we have the ability to offer consultancy for most diverse and complex development projects, especially those involving tourism as a key development strategy.

Brand development for Transylvania means not only a strategy and the related tools and marketing but it involves members who understand the vision as a whole, who recover from a lack of information and who gain modern notions of entrepreneurship, and who, using the support of the association, are developing in the spirit of standards and guidelines made available by Transylvania World.


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