Brand development

Brand development activities

The brand development activities

Transylvania World Association develops a set of methods of marketing and international communication which help to distinguish between the erroneous concepts regarding Transylvania which gathered popularity over time mainly due to the motion picture industry and the real Transylvania, based on concepts with roots in the historical Romanian truth and on fantastic concepts ascending from Dacian mythology, folklore and traditions associated with the World Transylvanian territory.

The Transylvania Brand, according to the association, should create a unique long lasting impression in the minds of any person or entity interested in goods or services (including touristic ones) that relate, directly or indirectly, to the Transylvania World, as defined by Transylvania World.

In this regard, World Transylvania has ongoing activities which include creating the brand identity, its communication in the form of logos and trademarks, developing tools for growing brand awareness, adding loyalty to it, and various brand management strategies.

The brand underlies a licensing process for Transylvanian products and services. Essentially, Transylvania World on one hand makes a global promise to customers interested in Transylvanian products and services, meaning that they will receive quality, originality, security and uniqueness and on the other hand makes a promise to manufacturers and suppliers for an international growing, competitive and fair market, with significant potential for diversification and exceptional active support on all levels.


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