Investment activities

Transylvania investment activities

Investment activities related to Transylvania

Transylvania World association investments are obtained through the association’s incomes which in turn are obtained through different sources of self-financing. The investments are aimed for continuous brand development and for supporting association projects, mainly for broadening the base and developing the global distribution chain for Transylvanian specific services and products. In parallel, investments are aimed at preserving and protecting the Transylvanian values ​​and traditions in strict compliance with the principle of historical truth.

Investments follow an annually updated sharing scheme, depending on the amount of revenues. The scheme aims to allocate balanced sums for research, marketing, development and social-charitable and cultural activities.

Transylvania investment activities

As the association is developing and we are co-opting various categories of members, we intend to obtain private investments and investments in partnership with the private and public sectors, including the promotion for public-private partnerships.


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