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Transylvania licensing activities

Transylvaia licensing activities

Due to its development activities, the usage of the Transylvania World brand association, involves the producers and service providers keeping the association’s promise, addressed to final customers, regarding to the quality, originality, uniqueness and security of the products.

In this regard, Transylvania World is developing a series of standards and classifications for its own products and services that have a direct or indirect link with the Transylvanian World territory. All manufacturers are required to meet the standards in order to have the advantage of showing the association’s logo and trademarks and promoting products through the international distribution channel developed globally by Transylvania World.

The licensing process begins with Transylvania World work groups which deal with the preparation and issuance of standards for each type of product, the validation and classification of said products in said standards and concluding licensing brand agreements between the association and the manufacturers. The contract’s purpose is insuring obligations and liability standards for producers so that end-customer satisfaction is maximize and they become loyal brand and product awareness grows continuously.

The licensing process is carried out mainly in Romania, but there are situations where the foreign subsidiaries of the association will license the products manufactured abroad using original raw material certified by Transylvanian producers or the services offered abroad with Transylvania World as the destination (especially for tourist services when the licensee can be a travel agency in a third country).


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