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Transylvanian manufacturers and service providers represent a new category of entrepreneurship, with a young history compared to those in Western countries that have not experienced a period in which the economic activity of the free market was virtually nonexistent as it occurred in Romania’s communist period.

Even more so, the lack of entrepreneurial experience is strongly felt in rural areas, at the traditional village and household level, where the advantage of having preserved medieval like activities and mindsets is actually a huge disadvantage in terms of entrepreneurship. The lack of information, entrepreneurship education, isolation, many different social and financial problems, the unavailability of a centralized chain for collecting and distributing traditional products, the lack of marketing elements, international promotion, and other issues, led to a lack of Transylvanian products and services on the international market, even though Transylvania itself became an international name.

So far, in Romania nobody managed to create an integrated framework for capitalizing the Transylvania name. Respectively, this largely promoted name thanks to the publicized film industry was not able to be turned into an international brand to promote Transylvanian goods. Even the touristic segment is far from satisfactory in addressing the niches for potential customers from countries that could generate significant revenues.

In this respect, with the development of standards for Transylvanian products and services, Transylvania Association World will begin extensive support activities and entrepreneurial education for producers and service providers. On one hand, each set of standards will be completed by practice guides introduced in the licensing process, and on the other hand, the association will organize active support, in partnership with entities specialized in areas of ​​training.

We also provide marketing and financial consulting for members who are manufacturers and service providers, including the programs with non-returnable funds. We will initiate a specific methodology that will address the corresponding level within the traditional household, so as to eliminate today’s existing barriers of understanding in rural areas, at traditional household level.


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