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Research is a crucial activity of Transylvania World. This reflects into the development of the brand in its entirety, into products and services, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, end customers and, to the same extent, to preserving and protecting the Transylvanian values ​​and traditions.

Conceptual research for brand development

The establishment of the Transylvania World association is itself the result of research and analysis, conducted over the course of eight years, which aims to identify and highlight the potential of a Transylvania brand, the reasons for which Romania does not benefit enough of the advantage of being the territory parent of this brand and its derivatives, including Dracula, and to identify and implement methods of marketing and international communication suitable for such a brand.

The research continued during 2016 in order to prepare and develop the historical and fantastic concepts underlying the new brand, which help to distinguish between them and the erroneous concepts about Transylvania promoted on various media channels, particularly by the Hollywood cinema.

The conceptual research does not stop here though. Transylvania World aims to continue to develop new concepts and historical and mythological sub concepts which will be added to the core concepts, thus increasing brand awareness and diversified applicability.

The association also aims to conduct conceptual research on Romanian folklore to identify, prepare and internationally launch original concepts for fantastic characters able to form the basis of literary and cinematographic historical and fantastic quality works. The applicability of the concepts will be extended to various areas, such as the apparel industry or the gaming industry, without excluding any field.

Research conducted in order to preserve and protect traditional values ​​in Transylvania

We collect historical data and social-cultural and environmental data as well as related data regarding the environment and bio agriculture in the Transylvanian traditional village and household, we process and analyze them to identify permanent solutions to preserve and protect traditional Transylvanian values ​​and heritage. The results are interpreted by the management of the association and they underline a set of initiatives, which will be part of a unique project.

The conservation of Transylvanian traditions involves much more than simple actions of punctual research, promotion, organization of festivals and events, architectural rehabilitation, etc. "Conservation" understandable for everybody within Transylvania World involves bringing to life the Transylvanian village, households and its elements, in an integrated manner, resulting in a functional self-sustaining traditional village.

The products and services which have a direct or indirect connection with World Transylvanian are part of this self-supporting system, a unique ecosystem in Europe and unique in the world through the whole range of elements that define it. The resurrection of the traditional village requires extensive research and analysis, which in turn form the base on which we can issue and different standards for products and services and we can start working on major projects in partnership with the public and private sectors.

This type of research is combined with conceptual research without which one cannot define and develop a regional brand and without which there can be no global chain to harness or to financially support this integrated project.

Research for product quality and service standards

World Transylvania identifies and enforces its own standards in the licensing process regarding the quality of products and services. We ensure that end customers receive only genuine traditional and natural products and services which include such products and components, thus ensuring the brand essence in the spirit of the concepts which define it.

On one hand, Transylvania World Association conducts research for identifying and achieving standards for all products and services in all the fields which have a direct or indirect connection with the Transylvania World territory. Thus, alongside the imposed standards, from the research activity, key elements arise in order to form the basis for the achievement of good guidelines concerning both production and traditional services, especially touristic services.

Another type of research will be conducted by working groups, which will result in initiatives to preserve and protect traditional products in Transylvania, including research on areas such as agriculture, food industry, food engineering, horticulture, agronomy, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine biology, physics, chemistry, environmental engineering, biotechnology, microbiology and immunology, environmental protection and others.

Marketing research for Transylvanian products and services

As we develop the network of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, we will begin activities to collect data, qualitative and quantitative analysis on marketing processes related to specific Transylvanian products and services. The aim is to identify activities the impact on the end customers and the global distribution chain, and to provide relevant information to the management regarding problem solving and market opportunities.

Activities will be based on various methods, especially ad tracking, advertising, brand equity, brand association, brand attributes, brand name testing, commercial eye tracking, concept testing, coolhunting (observations and predictions on changes in cultural trends in various areas of applicability of the brand such as fashion, music, cinema, lifestyle, etc.), buyer decision making process copy testing, customer satisfaction, demand estimation, distribution channel Audits, internet strategic intelligence, marketing effectiveness and analytics, mystery consumer or mystery shopping, positioning, price elasticity testing, sales forecasting, segmentation, online paneling, store audit, test marketing and viral marketing.


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