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Transylvania World is a non-profit association investing in research, development and marketing in order to globally promote and increase the long-term profitability of Transylvanian products and related services, namely the Transylvanian territory as defined in order to be internationally comprehensible. Our headquarters are based in the city of Tirgu Mures, in the heart of Transylvania, and we are opening subsidiaries all over the globe in order to effectively promote the Transylvania brand. We are going to increase to the maximum the international notoriety of the Transylvanian products and services which meet the quality standards imposed by our association.

Transylvania World association (overview)

The non-profit association Transylvania World decided to unprecedently promote Romania’s geographical region of Transylvania, respectively Transylvania World, whose international touristic potential on one hand and the products’ and services which are affiliated to this territory on another, is gigantic. The opportunities related to Transylvania are equal to those offered by top brands on a global level and our association takes into account this major benefit which would bring enormous advantages to Romania.

Transylvania World Team consists of several young people from all over Romania as well as abroad, specialized in diverse domains, each of them excelling in his or hers and we are involved in creating a new regional brand for Transylvania. The brand is the basis for an internal and international research and marketing network which will redefine and promote this region, the products and affiliated services in a new light according to the historic reality and the real-life status of this territory.

We started from the simple idea that a land with such ancient history, which hosts one of the oldest and most beautiful mythologies of the world, with habits, customs and unique tourist objectives, that can offer a large diversity of products and traditional services, cannot be perceived as a second-hand brand. Dracula, a character invented and promoted largely because of Transylvanian mythology and the medieval gothic style found in abundance in this mystic region, became a global brand itself but Transylvania has much more to offer to the world. 

In order to reach our goal we started with research and analysis, followed up with a brand strategy and then we started to work. Our first priority was to redefine the historical key elements and the elements regarding mythology and fiction in order for anybody, anywhere, regardless of their level of understanding, to be able to comprehend the Transylvanian historical context, differentiate between reality and fiction and create a swift overall image of Transylvania.

We will continue with promotion activities for this context, the Transylvania World brand which consists of definitions and concepts (sub-brands), once we develop standards for diverse types of products and services specific for Transylvania. We are preparing to launch projects for brand promotion, we are starting foreign association branch offices and we are also starting the licensing process for a large spectrum of products and services, from bio foods, natural medicine, clothing, literature and film to handmade products and all the related services of international tourism.

The licensing process for products and services, alongside other projects we own, is the main auto-financing source for the association. We will develop the brand this way, increase the number of licensed products, invest in research and promotion but we will also invest in helping others on professional level and through charity as well. 

Some of the results of our association’s activity are the historic and fiction sub-brands in harmony with history and real Transylvanian traditions alongside original high quality certificate products and services from all activity domains. We want to promote international tourism, not weekend tourism and we want to eliminate all forms of kitsch, routine and fakeness. Our goal is to promote our ancestors’ magical land of Transylvania.

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