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Financing and investments for Transylvania brand

Transylvania world funding sources

All the investments to promote Transylvania, the specific local products and services, and to develop Transylvania World brand are funded mainly through the brand licensing process. The income obtained from licensing, among the other income sources, corresponds to the benefits we bring to the producers and service providers, indirectly to the Romanian economy and tourism.

Transylvania World’s sources of income are the following:

  • Branding & growing

Income obtained from business branding activities and from the promotion of the products and services sold by our members. Using our partnership with leaders of the branding and brand growing sector we help establish powerful local brands, maximizing the value of the Transylvanian products and services, helping their exposure on the international market.

  • Business consultancy

Income received from the provision of consultancy services for establishing new businesses, developing Transylvanian producers’ businesses’ and to those licensing the Transylvania World brand, including for the obtainment of non-returnable funds and for identifying potential investors. We offer consultancy services to foreign entities interested in doing businesses related to the Transylvanian brand, too.

  • Copyrights

Copyrighting Transylvania World taxes, mainly obtained from the utilization of own concepts and movie scripts which the association is currently developing in order to deliver certificate movie materials; these materials will place both Transylvania and the related elements in favorable light, conform with the truth and historic reality, and in concordance to Dacian mythology and Romanian folklore.

  • Crowdfunding

Investments acquired from various Transylvania World projects, by crowdfunding financing systems (ex: Kickstarter or IndieGoGo).

  • Development strategies

Fees obtained from partnerships and consultancy for preparing, following through and updating local or regional development strategies, especially tourism related strategies.

  • Donations and sponsorships

Sums obtained from donations or sponsorships for individual projects, including the social or charity projects.

  • International subsidiaries

Initial fees invested by foreign representatives who wish to open global Transylvania World subsidiaries.

  • Licensing

Fees obtained from licensing Transylvanian specific products or services will become in the future the main auto-financing source and the main source for reinvestment in activities which define Transylvania World’s mission. The quantum of the licensing taxes is established taking into account the products and services according to criteria projected by the association experts and according to the consultancy with every niche of producers or service providers. These taxes vary globally between 2% and 11% of the turnover.

  • Member subscriptions

Fees paid periodically by the different categories of members of the association.

  • Public Financing

In conformity with Romania’s legislation, associations can benefit from public funding for activities which lead to economic development, environment conservation, regional promotion and social activities. Transylvania World cooperates with both Central and Local government in order to fulfill its mission, and is applying for financing in this sense.

  • Other income sources

Transylvania World identifies and uses any financing sources which suit the association’s characteristics and which directly or indirectly contribute to the fulfillment of the association’s mission.

Transylvania World investments

The above mentioned finances obtained by Transylvania World are utilized for promoting on an international level Transylvania and the neighboring regions in which the traditional Transylvanian influences are clearly visible, for investments in research, development and marketing of the afferent products and services.

Overall the investments are directed towards long-term brand development, opening and widening the international market. All of Transylvania World’s activities are situated in the following investment share scheme, which is annually updated:

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