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subsidiaries opened abroad so far

On short term we intend to open subsidiaries in the key countries and thereafter we will cover most countries globally. In order to become a Transylvania World representative abroad, consult this section regarding "setting up subsidiaries".


German subsidiary



Diana Sandu

UK subsidiary


United Kingdom

George Adumitroaiei

French subsidiary



Victor Messika
Dutch subsidiary

Iulia Marincas

International activity and subsidiaries

Transylvania World Association fulfills its assumed mission through a top team composed of the Romanian squad and the international subsidiaries which we are currently developing in all countries.

The role of the international branches is essential to our work if we take into account the fact that our target for the licensed Transylvanian specific products and services consists of end users from abroad.

The Romanian team is developing the Transylvania World brand starting from the initiation strategy, the achievement of the conceptual basis, development of standards and classifications for products and services, identifying and branding them and from all the related association activities for developing and marketing the brand.

Transylvania World foreign subsidiaries represent the association’s basic pillars through which, on one hand, personalized information specific to each country is collected and delivered, and on another hand the association is promoting and placing on sale (in the respective countries) the licensed and customized products, based on the information received and processed through the international branches.

In other words, international branches are the basic pillars of the global marketing and distribution chain of Transylvanian products and services. Our branches consist of diaspora Romanians or associations who have at least one Romania in their team, professional elite with an "out of the box" profile of thinking, guided in life by values ​​and principles that stand up for freedom, fair competition, care for the environment and nature, tolerance and who firmly reject religious fanaticism and any type of discrimination.

Moving on to a different matter, as part of the marketing strategy of the brand, through their very existence, the group of branches from abroad represents an important factor for the online brand promotion, creating a multinational and multilingual structure and contributing substantially to the top results offered by search engines such as Google, and to the distribution of viral material on social networks.

In the case of economic powerhouses with a large territorial extent (United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Australia) we are setting up regional offices to effectively cover the representations of Transylvania World.

In order to become a Transylvania World representative abroad, consult this section regarding "setting up subsidiaries".


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