Setting up subsidiaries

Conditions and information for setting up Transylvania World subsidiaries worldwide

Terms and steps to become a representative

We are developing a global network of subsidiaries, starting from elite diaspora Romanians or associations between elite Romanian and foreign persons; no international branch can be established without fulfilling the condition of elitism and the participation of Romanians in its structure, for well-founded reasons.

Regarding elitism, it is important for the representatives to be people who have proven a successful career abroad, either as top employees of renowned organizations or entrepreneurs who have demonstrated qualities in starting their own business, so as to constitute an overall competence pole capable of supporting and promoting sustainable development for a top international brand.

The condition for the initial representative to be Romanian or for the association of people who are setting up a subsidiary to have at least one Romanian aboard is also essential, since no foreigner can understand the Transylvanian particularities like a Romanian, making our cooperation for fulfilling the Transylvania World mission almost impossible.

The representatives who will be part of the foreign Transylvania World branches must also be willing to contribute financially to the initial investment in brand and subsidiary development, as they will recover the investment through the Transylvania World activities in the respective country / region. The amount of investment set for each country is calculated according to the potential of that country, and is presented in the section "Apply now to become a representative".

As stated in the section presenting the international activity, we encompass representations with diaspora Romanians, or associations which include at least one Romanian, professional elites with an "out of the box" profile of thinking, guided in life by values ​​and principles that stand up for freedom, fair competition, care for the environment and nature, tolerance and who categorically reject religious fanaticism and any type of discrimination. We want to weld a team of friends, where personal income is indeed important but does not mean everything; we want to be on the same wavelength outside working hours as well, so that we can put forge a relationship of friendship and trust.

The benefits of becoming an International Transylvania World representative consist of remuneration and the opportunity to participate as partners in collateral businesses that may appear as a result of our activities, with exclusive rights for the represented territories. All these details will be discussed when applying.

Steps and requirements needed to apply for the position of Transylvania World abroad representative are:

1. A careful lecture of the website: We will discuss and clarify applicants’ questions and we will provide additional detail, but not before the applicants make a minimal effort to read the pages already published (we published a set of pages, and we will complete the website on May 15, 2017; the current information is more than enough for the applicants to get a general idea of ​​the overall Transylvania World mission);
2. Applying for the position of representative following the instructions under "Apply now to become a representative";
3. Discussing the details and clarifications via video conference;
4. Once the representative is established, the contribution part follows. Apart from the initial financial investment, this part involves the following activities:
5. Translation of the site in the language of the representation. If there are more representatives from different countries using the same language, the translations are shared equally between representatives. There is no need for site management, graphical outputs, etc. - all these are taken care of by the Romanian team;
6. Establishing, with our help, a few initial contacts such as the respective country’s Romanian embassy or consulate;
7. Translation (see nr. 5) of materials related to the respective countries’ social networking accounts. In this case as well there is no need for network management, as the Romanian team handles this issue.
8. After the website section for your country / region is completed, we will move on to the legal establishment of the branch; The “representative” will become “branch” and after the licensing activity gets underway, the “branch” will be able to take legal action in topics such as hiring staff and other activities which require a legal form of a subsidiary.
9. Besides translating the site, for all the above-mentioned activities, the initial Transylvania World representatives do not need to work more than 30 minutes/day and the activities are not to be performed on a daily basis; the activity as a whole is flexible and does not require a strict schedule. Once the actual activity begins, the representative may hire himself (part-time or full-time) or may hire personnel in order to help carrying out the above-mentioned activities – everything will be carried out by the market’s demands. All these details will be discussed during the video-conference, after "Apply now to become a representative".


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