"The Order of the Dragon"

The "Order of the Dragon" Award for promotion of Transylvania

"The Order of the Dragon" Excelence award

The “Order of the Dragon” award is a distinction that Transylvania World association will present (starting with 2025) to distinct personalities from the Romanian and foreign social-cultural background, for promoting Transylvania and its traditional values in line with the historical truth, the original Dacian mythology and the Romanian folklore.

The award is inspired by both the significance of the dragon as part of the Dacian battle flag (a wolf’s head and dragon’s body), and the significance of the Order of the Dragon, established in 1403 by a group of 24 knights from different European countries, order Vlad the Impaler (Draculea) was a member of at a certain point in his life.

The traditional Tranylvanian myths and legends are rooted in Dacian mythology, so the reputation of this territory is closely related to ancient Dacia. We praise these people, precursors of today’s Romanians, by adding the Dacian battle flag to the logo of the association and by initiating this particular award of excellence.

During the Medieval times, The Order of the Dragon symbolized unity for defending Europe against the Ottoman invasion. Nowadays, this award offered by Transylvanian World signifies the appreciation for Vlad the Impaler’s bravery and acts of patriotism and also the existing interethnic harmony and unity on Transylvania’s territory.

The dragon represents the merging of its ancient and medieval heritage and by creating this annual award we honor those personalities whose work contributes to the worldwide promotion of the real, historical and mystic Transylvania.


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