grants and Awards

Grants and awards to support the brand of Transilvania

Grants and awards initiaded by our association

Transylvania Association World introduces a number of grants and awards whose main purpose is to encourage activities that lead to the fulfillment of the proposed statutory mission. Grants and awards represent a category distinct from the charity activities of the association.

Transylvania World grants will be awarded from our self-financing sources or in partnership with sponsors or other entities and they will be aimed at stimulating small traditional Transylvanian producers and small service suppliers to preserve and develop products or services falling within the quality standards , authenticity and traditionalism of the association.

Grants will also be granted for researchers who aid the statutory activities of the association, essentially contributing for the preservation, protection and promotion of the products and services also contributing in domains such as the traditional Transylvanian heritage. Grants represent allowances distributed in advance, for activities which need to be carried out after granting. 

The Transylvania World awards will be granted for special merits, for rewarding various events that lead to outstanding results for the producers and suppliers, to members of the association working in various fields and to personalities whose contribution for promoting Transylvanian World is or will be far-reaching nationally or internationally.

A first prize initiated by Transylvania World will be “The order of the Dragon”, which will be awarded to important personalities from the Romanian and foreign social-cultural background.


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