Brand implementation

Implementation activities of the Transylvanian brand

Implementation of Transylvania World brand

Transylvania World brand implementation will be based on the marketing and communication strategies developed by the association.

Developing and promoting a global brand involves vast investments and plenty of time. In this regard, the Transylvania World association thought a brand development strategy based on the online and viral factors, which will drastically reduce the need for investment in advertising and noticeably shorten the time needed to increase brand awareness.

We thought methods and tools that allow self-financing, acquisition strategies to attract and overtake the awareness of global non-proprietary Transylvania related brands. We place under the same umbrella elements, situations, experts and personalities, activities and projects that are mutually reinforcing and when combined they becomes a large online-media power, a critical mass large enough to disseminate and promote the new brand solely online.

For reasons of confidentiality, in order to protect this initiative, we presented only certain components of the marketing and communication strategies, sufficient to render an overview of the brand initiative without endangering and exposing the strategic elements that could be taken over by a potential international competition.

We start off with the advantage of first player, with the advantage of being located in Romania, the territory parent of the brand, with the advantage of a young and outstanding management team, continuously growing and attracting top individuals, which will ensure the success of the initiative, developing a strong global brand, one that Romania richly deserves.


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