Brand launch event

Launch event for the new Transylvanian brand

Launch of the brand for Transylvania

Launching the brand for Transylvania is part of the brand communication strategy, a component of the brand strategy developed by the Transylvania World Association.

We intend to organize a festive event of big media impact, which kicks-off the activity of the association and represents the point zero of the international campaigns that we run through our activities and projects.

The release date will be set for May 2024 at which time we will complete the preparatory work. By that date all association’s materials will become final versions and will be presented in the main international languages, we will organize departments and workgroups, international branches, we will prepare working tools and online campaign strategies on a global level.

We will also complete the first standards for products and services, we will finish the first licensing agreements so that when we launch we can concretely demonstrate how we thought the strategy, how we promote Transylvania World and all its correlates.

Until the release date we will attract different categories of members, we will conclude reliable partnerships with entities whose support will be critical for the success of the initiative, which will ensure the sustainability and global development opportunities for the brand on one hand and on the other hand they will ensure real contact and liaison with manufacturers and service providers within the territory.

We will also embark on social and charitable activities, we will organize and we will associate with transparent initiatives, we will bring our contribution to supporting disadvantaged groups, particularly those in the remote mountainous Carpathian areas.

The Transylvania World brand launch will be held in a location representative for Transylvania or Romania in general, with important personalities from diverse domains as guests, with the participation of media and personalities who will accept the title and will assume the mission of "Transylvania World Ambassador ".

We will communicate the details of the launch here, by the end of December 2023.


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