Brand personality

The personality of Transylvania World brand

Definition of Transylvania brand's personality

The brand personality, as a notion specific to marketing, in our case results from the conceptual definition, respectively from the extraction and analysis of key elements from the 12 concepts developed by Transylvania World:


Transylvania – location, geographic reality, millenary history

Classifying Transylvania – area not defined by exact geographical coordinates, we are not interested in political aspects, Transylvania World is an extended territory

The Carpathian Mountains – cradle for the Dacian mythology, the link between mystic and real, virgin forests, spirituality, tourism, adventure, uniqueness

Cucuteni Civilization – millenary history, uniqueness

Ancient Dacians – millenary history, courage, organization, link between the mystic part of mythology and historical reality

Vlad the Impaler (Drăculea) – real history, class, protection, courage, medieval, false connection to Dracula, false connection to sci-fi, horror, fantasy, uniqueness.

Traditional Transylvanian village and Traditional Transylvanian household – history, medieval, millenary lasting traditions, folklore, bringing back memories from a lost time, warmth and hospitality, rural, natural and hand-made products, rural setting, uniqueness


Dacian mythology – antique, mystic, uniqueness

Werewolf – mystic, originality, movie star with huge awareness generated by the Dacian mythology (the legend of the Great White Wolf), protection, link between fiction and reality (wolf – Dacians), uniqueness

Vampire – mystic, link to the fantastic character Dracula, false connection to the historical character Vlad the Impaler and Transylvania as well, close link (in movies) between the vampire and the werewolf, respectively and indirectly vampire-wolf-Dacians

Dracula – mystic, hugely successful movie star which generates a false link to Vlad the Impaler and Transylvania, close link in movies between Dracula, vampires and werewolves, respectively and indirectly between Dracula-vampire-wolf-dacians-territory-Transylvania


What brand personality results from the concepts merging? What feelings does it generate?

Transylvania World is a dream-like territory with a millenary history where ancient mysticism merges with the historical reality.

It is a classy brand of mystery and courage. A brand which inspires protection through all of its legends and historical characters.

A warm brand which illustrates a peaceful and friendly ancient civilization who, due to the circumstances, managed to preserve most of its traditions.

A brand which makes you look for all the mysteries, travel different marvelous places and adventure in time-forgotten locations. A brand which makes you want to try its products – every traditional product bears the mark of medieval times.

Transylvania is a dream world transposed in reality, where anybody can rediscover long-forgotten childhood feelings, mystical existentialism experiences, and feelings related to the image and sensation that virgin nature generates, all wrapped up in a mixture of old-fashioned nostalgia.

In conclusion, Transylvania World is a mystery which has to be discovered, understood and experienced.


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