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How is the brand for Transylvania positioned in the market

Transylvania Word brand positioning in the market

Brand positioning is one of the most important marketing strategies of the development process. Brand positioning involves providing good answers to some key questions:

What? We are the first and only global manager of the brand defining Transylvania World and related concepts.

How? We promote products, services and we offer experiences in diverse activity domains related to Transylvania, while preserving the historical truth and Dacian mythology, Romanian folklore and traditions.

To whom? We address a wide audience on a global scale, the diverse niches to whom the keywords „Transylvania” and the subsequent related terms generate emotions and sensations akin to living in a gothic-medieval world. Even if we speak about niches interested in pure historical and realistic facts or, the opposite, niches interested in the fantastic and mystic, we address those which we can forward towards the historical truts so they can differentiate between reality and fiction and understand and get to know the real Transylvanian World with everything she has to offer. We are using these centralized niches in order to obtain viral promotion. 

Where? Around the world. Our activity is aiming to reach all the countries from all the continents. Opening international branches and creating a global distribution chain are key elements for the brand development strategy.

Why? Transylvania is the motherland of some free global brands, especially ”Dracula” and ”Transylvania”, which on one side do not bring Romania well-deserved merits and on another side, partly due to not knowing history and Romanian mythology and especially due to the mystifications promoted by sci-fi, action, horror cinematography, managed to associate Romania with a false image of vampirism and occultism.

Developing a Transylvania brand which can change this public perception and which can promote traditional Romanian products and services and help Romania obtain the benefits resulting from the international commerce is mandatory, in accordance with the the brand potential.

Circumstances We are living times in which, on a global level, people are no longer interested in knowing history, the general knowledge level is extremely low, people lack time to read and research. Most people assimilate information by using the internet and not checking the sources, and, as such, the power of sci-fi cinematography and the scandal press makes the real Transylvania’s international promotion, its history, Dacian mythology and Romanian folklore an almost impossible task.

On another hand, taking into account the sci-fi, fantasy niche in which a predominant majority of the main niches fall in (96% interest for sci-fi, fantasy versus 4% interest for real historical facts), it is almost impossible for a brand related to Transylvania to be managed by Romania’s official administration. This is just one of the reasons for which developing a Transylvanian brand can be done only by an association that can tackle both the sci-fi fantasy and the real-historical facts, compared to Romania’s Central and official administration who can only contribute on the real-historical segments as they cannot assume to be linked with elements which might not be compatible to its official status.

Conclusion. Answering these questions, analyzing and defining the niches to which we address, establishing the elements deriving from the brand concepts which offer Transylvania and Transylvania World uniqueness, Transylvania World Association developed a positioning strategy for the international market for what is becoming Transylvania’s brand.


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