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The potential of Transylvania World brand

potential of the global Transylvanian brand

The main brand Transylvania World functions as an umbrella for all brands and sub-brands related to the whole series of initiated and future activities and projects of the association.

The brand’s potential is virtually the summarizing of the potential of all the association’s projects on two sides: the promotion and monetization of Transylvanian products and services and on the side of conservation and promotion of traditional Romanian values ​​and heritage.

The start of the licensing process for products and services opens the path for an unified management brand, which through standardization and promotion at international level gives a real opportunity for small producers and service providers located in Transylvania to develop and create quality products, genuine and presented in a new style, according to the modern requirements of the market.

Alongside the licensing process, the projects for the development of travel promotion portal, online shops for natural organic Transylvanian products and for traditional hand-made products, offers producers the chance to get access to a global market, inaccessible to them so far, seconded and supported with centralized tools and support offered by the association through work groups and their international subsidiaries we are opening worldwide.

However, in addition to activities that involve local producers, the licensing process for products and services related to brands and sub-brands developed by the association will be applicable internationally. Companies from various countries will be able to license themselves through Transylvania World association if their products will be within the association’s quality standards and in different cases if the raw material origin is Transylvanian.

Licensing also will involve targeting overseas customers to conceptual materials developed by the association, so as to determine an increase in understanding the historical truth, seeing the boundaries between reality and fantastic and an exceptional promotion of Transylvania and Romania as a whole.

The thousands of types of licensed products from Romania and throughout the world, starting from food, hand-made, tourism and ending with movies, video games, etc., determine a huge potential revenue that will be, among others, the association’s main source of self-financing, respectively the funds to re-invest in brand projects, their permanent growth and promotion.

With brand awareness on the rise, this will draw promotion benefits for any producer of goods and services, certifications from the film industry, for any product that includes in its name the term "Transylvania" or other terms conform to the brand concepts developed by the association, including the term "Dracula".

In the long term, the Transylvania World brand holds an inestimable potential comparable to that of any global brand (check the comparative example to Disney for the brand motivation). As value goes, global brands are measured in hundreds of millions, billions or even tens of billions of dollars.

The Transylvania brand potential means also an enormous opportunity for Romania both economically as well as taking into account the preservation and promotion of its traditional heritage.


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