Brand research

Research on Transylvania brand

Research for the identification and development of brand elements

Identifying and developing the elements which make up the main Transylvania World brand was part of a research process, which took eight years of voluntary work. The research activity was held individually (on and off) by the association’s members and starting with 2016 on a rich level by the Transylvania World team.

Conceptual research had to identify, define and redefine some concepts which all-together make up Transylvania’s story, addressed to the foreign customer who has little or no information about this region, about its real history, about Dacian mythology, heritage, its folklore and traditions.

At the same time with the conceptual research, we did interviews and had talks with personalities from Europe, North America and Asia, we undertook sociological research activities, research on products and services and we analyzed brands or similar projects with similar themes.

The centralization of the research results allowed for a SWOT analysis which led to the identification of brand elements. Lastly we painted an initial strategy for developing the brandidentity,positioning, personality, and the brand marketing and communication strategies.


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