Brand strategy

Marketing and communication strategy for Transylvania

Brand strategy for Transylvania

Starting from the researchs results, market positioning and brand personality, Transylvania World Association established the brand development strategy, respectively the marketing and communication strategies.

Objectives of the strategy fit with the mission assumed by the association on promoting Transylvania and its traditional products internationally (products and services including tourism related products and services, natural foods, hand-made products, pharmaceutical/herbal, film, literature, entertainment, etc.)

Brand strategy materializes through an action plan, namely through the activities and projects of the association, in the short, medium and long term.

The marketing strategy aims to bring together different consumer niches from abroad, bringing together the market segments that have or might have a connection to what Transylvania World represents and stands for.

The critical mass of target customers

The results of market research conducted by the Transylvania World association, have shown that globally, the critical mass of people (96%), which form the basis for brand promotion campaigns, based on online virality, is interested in the science fiction genre and close to the non-proprietary brands "Dracula", "Transylvania" and others related to the false vampire-like and occult images of Transylvania.

Thus, the whole strategy of promoting a brand linked to Transylvania must start from this segment. Even if we wish things would stand differently, this critical mass is the key for developing a strong global brand. It is basically the only way.

There are few people who know facts about the real Transylvania, or people that might be drawn into this by the promotion of the realistic historical and geographical Transylvania. Their number is almost insignificant globally. Unfortunately, only 4% of those interested in Transylvania one way or another belong to this category, which would make any attempt to develop and internationally promote a strong brand almost impossible.

This is why Transylvania World Association has developed a number of concepts which together constitute the Transylvanian brand story, addressed two major categories of people. The concepts are developed for easy understanding when a foreigner with low or average general knowledge and who knows or has very little information about Transylvania faces them.

The fantastic concepts based on the mythological and mystical sides, are designed to attract the interest of this critical online mass. "Dracula", "The Werewolf" and "The Vampire" attract the interest of the critical mass, and then strategically, through links with "The Dacian mythology" we can make the switch, redirecting the critical mass to the realistic concepts. "Cucuteni Civilization", "Ancient Dacians", "Vlad the Impaler" are realistic intermediate concepts which show the history of these places, and clarify the difference between fiction and reality, while lastly, "The Carpathian Mountains", "The traditional village" and "Thetraditional household" make up the image of the Transylvania which has to be promoted.

Also this chapter includes the motivation for which such a brand could not be developed by the public administration in Romania. The state cannot develop a strategy that has a starting point made up of a critical mass of niche related science fiction, vampirism and occultism. Thus, developing a Transylvanian brand can be achieved by an association, in partnership with the central and local government, where the government can address to the 4% and contribute to the development of tools to promote Romanian products and services.

Critical mass, as a defined territory

The concept of "Transylvania World", the definition of a Transylvanian "world" has a precise motivation, based on research and market analysis. Thus, the association classified Transylvania and defined "Transylvanian World" as a large territory of Central or Political Transylvania.

Referring to the Transylvanian products and services, particularly to the tourism side which has to be promoted globally as well as in people, they must carry a critical mass, a minimal space.

Eliminating tourist offers and territories such as Bucovina or the Mountain Banat, eliminating attractions of international interest such as Transalpina and Transfăgărăşan, or other locations where the Transylvanian influence left strong marks, would be a catastrophic mistake and would reduce the critical mass and critical territory to a level that would diminish the power of international brand promotion.


Without revealing the strategies, here are mentioned the two key elements of the critical mass. In other words, marketing and communication strategy consider, among other things, tackling the awareness of non-proprietary brands related to vampirism and especially promoted by Hollywood cinema, which launched a gigantic global industry, attracting and redistributing their fans to the conceptual branch of the new brand Transylvania World developed. As a result of the relocation, the fans will make contact with reality and they will begin to discover the real Transylvania with its products and services and will turn into viral agents for brand promotion.

The activities and projects planned by Transylvania World are actions meant to transform the strategy into palpable results, develop and promote the brand on a global level.


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