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Transylvania World global brand

Transylvania World global brand

Transylvania World is a unique brand and a Romanian mark, a country-level project, created and managed by the not-for-profit association of the same name, Transylvania World Association.

Short introduction regarding Transylvania World brand

The main brand, the related brands and sub-brands are linked to the association’s mission. On one hand, the brand’s purpose is the touristic promotion of Romania and on the other hand the international stimulation of the development and promotion of the products and services with Romanian traditional components. Also, another purpose is the preservation of the traditional heritage, Romanian traditions and the environment as a whole.

Transylvania World, Transylvania’s brand alongside its elements cannot be mentioned or used for other purposes besides the touristic and economic promotion of Transylvania and Romania.

This new brand for Transylvania has an important motivation, the reason for which it came to life. It represents gigantic potential for diverse categories of producers and service providers, globally.

What does the Romanian brand „Transylvania World” represent?

Firstly, the Transylvania World brand represents a series of methods of marketing and communication tools developed by the Transylvania World association in order to help distinguishing between the differences between the Transylvanian products and services in accord with the historical truth, with the ancient Dacian mythology or with the authentic Romanian folklore and the products and services falsely promoted and sold worldwide (including cinematography) and associated to the „Transylvania” name or to the wrongly depicted historic character Vlad the Impaler. These methods and tools are conceived in order to create a strong impression (viral, clear and long-lasting) in the mind of foreign customers.

Secondly, the Transylvania World brand represents a promise addressed worldwide that we guarantee for the quality, originality, traditionalism, conformity in regard to the historical truth and to the ancient Dacian mythology or with the authentic Romanian folklore and the products and services related to the Transylvania World territory as defined by the association.

The main Transylvania World brand means more than a simple logo. It involves a set of components – research, identity, concepts, positioning, personality, brand awareness, brand loyalty and diverse strategies for the brand management – including the activities and the projects identified and developed by the association.

What products and services are being referred to by the Transylvania World brand?

Transylvania World brand refers to the all the products and services related to the name „Transylvania” regardless of their origin, be it Romania or abroad.

Starting with the touristic products and services, following with organic foods, clothing, entertainment, communication, fitness, arts, movies and literature, any product or service which can relate to the term „Transylvania” or which uses terms which are strongly related to the concepts developed by Transylvania World association is qualified for licensing with this brand.

The main purpose of the licensing process, the brand’s purpose, is to promote, to guarantee the product and service quality and to create a connection between the services and Transylvania, respectively Romania’s territory. Starting from this connection, the brand can ensure that correct information is provided to foreign tourists regarding Transylvania and the historical truth, correcting the false interpretations and the correlation of Transylvania with vampirism and occultism (as promoted by the film industry).

Transylvania World association will mainly focus on touristic services, organic foods and hand-made products but it will cover all the activity domains. The association’s activities and projects, alongside the global distribution chain (made up by international subsidiaries) will increase brand awareness and will ensure better promotion for Transylvania and for its outlets, in accord with this unique brand’s potential. All these categories of services and types of products determine (by licensing) the development of new brands and sub-brands, correlated to the mother brand Transylvania World.


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