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The uniqueness of Transylvania World is due mainly to the impecable preserving of the traditional rural village and household and at the same time the preserving of an antique life-style, many of the every-day living components being preserved since Medieval times.

Romania’s territory was permanently at a conflict crossroad between the great empires of history – Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Russian  - and then it experienced communism – a matter which notoriously affected the evolution and revamping of the rural areas. However, the benefic part in this was the preservation of these unique traditions and heritage. 

In the rural areas of Transylvania World, especially in the Sub Carpathians and the isolated mountain areas, a large number of people still live like in days long forgotten, the whole image of the village and household leaving an impression akin to a trip in the medieval times for any Western foreign stranger.

This image is sustained by the wooden-houses’ architecture, the village as a whole, the usage of tools which might be considered antique and museum-like pieces in other countries, using horses and oxen for plowing the fields, the lack of modern utilities (sometimes even electricity), while on another hand the image is seen in the rural traditions, some of them preserved since the time of the ancient Dacians.

Surrounded by the mystic scenery provided by the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania World represents an unequalled tourist attraction. However, this preserving of an authentic medieval world comes with sacrifices involving the rural populations, especially the ones living in isolation. In the rural areas one can find “catune” (small villages made out of only several houses) spread out on the hills or even mountain tops, completely isolated from civilization.

Transylvania World association initiates charity projects or contributes to existing charity projects, in order to help these cathegories of stranded families. Our team is made up by several members with vast experience in this domain.

The association’s charitable and social events  are adjacent to the development of the tools needed for the promotion and capitalization of the traditional Transylvanian products and services; a large number of said products can constitute an income source for the traditional Transylvanian households and indirectly they can became a method of stimulating the preservation of regional traditions.

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