Transylvania brand logo

The brand logo as certification mark

The brand logo as certification mark

Transylvania World brand logos are trademarks of certification for Transylvanian products and services. Through the licensing process, manufacturers and service providers who meet the association standards receive contractual right to display the graphic symbol and appropriate slogan for licensed products and services, classic through labeling and also online.

Each brand logo or sub-brand logo corresponding to the product category contains as an element of visual identity  the mother logo, stylized in black and white, to which is attached a text containing the brand name parent, Transylvania World, the address for the brand’s official website, and highlighted text describing the product and services (ex: "Organic food" for traditional foods, "hand-made" for handmade gifts, "Literature" for books, "Movie" for movies with references to Transylvania, its territory, historical figures or characters related to Dacian mythology and Romanian folklore, "games" for video games, etc.)

Transylvania World will introduce electronic validation for products and services by combining the displaying of brand logos with the issuing of certificates identifying products, based on private-public key infrastructure, in partnership with global leaders in the field of electronic certification. For now, for confidentiality reasons, this process will not be detailed here but note that each product or service promoted by the association will be unique and can be checked online by customers from all over the world. We will eliminate any risk of forgery and will also guarantee the originality of Transylvanian products and services.


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