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Transylvania World classifications & nomenclators

Transylvania World classifications & nomenclators

Alongside quality standards, Transylvania World is developing its own classification systems and nomenclatures in order to properly allocate as systematically as possible, the types of products and services that have a direct or indirect connection with the term „Transylvania”.

Taking into account the uniqueness and the wide range of Transylvanian (and its neighboring areas) specific products, or products related to global non-proprietary brands correlated to this region, the various international classification does not reflect (they simply cannot) the market reality, respectively the Transylvanian offer.

Transylvania World classifies various natural and traditional products, or those related to correlated brands, organize them and issues quality standards for them, our objective being to create a production nucleus and a global distribution chain which can provide end customers with quality guarantee and originality.

The classifications and nomenclatures are developed by our specialists from the association’s working groups, based on complex market strategies, and afterwards are being published in the „Classification” section to be publicly consulted or used internally for tools, activities and projects.

One of the first classifications we are dealing with is the one for hotel units. We are trying to give a new meaning to the idea of accommodation in Transylvania, especially for tourists visiting Romania using specific traditional niches. Based on this classification and its correlated standards, we are trying to create an accommodation unit chain, to license those that offer an authentic touristic product, devoid of kitsch, in conformity with the brand personality we are developing.


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