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About Transylvania World licensing

About Transylvania World licensing

Licensing the logos and all the trademarks of Transylvania World association aims, on one hand, towards the implementation of the brand promise for manufacturers and suppliers regarding the quality and originality of Transylvanian products and services and on the other hand aims towards ensuring publicly these qualities to customers through the tools developed by the association for promoting Transylvanian products and services internationally.

The physical application of labels with brand logos on products or their online publication, attached to the licensed products and services ensures customers of the quality standards developed by the association.

Transylvanian licensed products and services fall into (by using a contract between the association, manufacturers and suppliers) the story of the Transylvania World brand, offering them originality, a direct or indirect connection to the historical truth and with the Transylvania World traditions.

Whether we are talking about traditional foods, natural products, hand-made articles, films, literature, video games, accommodation and tourist services, etc., all can be included in Transylvania World standards. The standards are developed by the association’s departments and working groups, by the researchers and experts on each area, for each category of products and services.

By applying brand logos, manufacturers gain access to international promotional tools and can take advantage of a number of significant benefits for marketing and selling their products and services globally.

By centralizing brands and their unique management, the manufacturers contribute alongside Transylvania World association to the overall promotion of Transylvania, Romanian products and traditions; they increase the awareness of the mother brand, so as later, the awareness gets redistributed for categories of products and services, respectively towards each manufacturer and supplier.  

The incomes derived by Transylvania World association through licensing, representing non- significant percentages of the turnover of the manufacturers and suppliers, constitutes one of the sources of self-financing of the association, through which we invest in ongoing development activities and projects of the parent brand.

Through the licensing process, alongside manufacturers and suppliers, together with private, public and public-private partners, we are building a strong global brand, which brings benefits to the producers and to Romania (on a country level) as well.


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