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Transylvania World certification marks

Transylvania World certification marks

The Transylvania World certification marks show that products and services to be used by manufacturers and licensed suppliers of the association meet the quality standards developed by the association and will be accompanied by regulations for use of certification marks and documents from arising legal exercise of the certification activity.

The purpose of certification marks is to ensure clients on the originality and conformity of the products and services promoted by the association through association developed tools and to promote Transylvania World according to the brand concepts’ spirit.

The association will register certification marks corresponding to product categories organized using classificators, as such: (e.g. "Organic food" for traditional foods, "hand-made" for handmade gifts, "Literature" for books, "Movie" for movies with references to Transylvania, its territory, historical figures or characters related to Dacian mythology and Romanian folklore, "games" for video games, etc.)

In addition to the collective, mainstream, and certification marks, the association will register Transylvania World marks regarding geographical indications. They will serve to identify products originating in the extended region of Transylvania, defined as "Transylvania World", where the determinant Transylvanian characteristics are essentially attributable to this geographical origin.


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