Transylvania mark

Transylvania mark as intellectual property

Transylvania mark as intellectual property

Transylvania’s mark, Transylvania World, is the sum of the brand elements officially registered by the association, through accredited bodies (OSIM and other international bodies). Transylvania World brand, in terms of marketing, represents all brand elements, including loyalty and brand awareness and brand marks basically represent the concrete part, the intellectual property rights registered and protected by law.

We generically define the Transylvanian brand or mark Transylvania World, but professionally speaking we use the term "mark" for the brand logos, slogans, brand concepts and all items involving intellectual property rights.

Transylvania World Association will register a collective parent-mark, certification marks and marks for geographical indications, as defined by OSIM for Romania. Also, the association will proceed with registration of similar marks or types of items by other international bodies for other countries worldwide.

Transylvania World is Romania’s country brand, developed by the Transylvania World association in private, not for profit order, to fulfill the association’s mission. Transylvania World does not replace the central government or local authorities in Romania, but for the reasons shown in the section ”brand motivation" for which an administration cannot legally get involved in such a project, it aims to work with the public environment for the achievement of statuary objectives of promoting Transylvania and everything related to the extended territory.


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