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Transylvania World quality standards

Transylvania World quality standards

Transylvania World’s standards represent sets of rules governing over the quality, features and in some cases the form of certain products and/or services subject to the licensing process conducted by our association.

The purpose of issuing standards and classifications proprietary to Transylvania World is to impose on the market products and services that meet the brand promise made to the end clients, respectively to lead towards the fulfillment of the association’s mission.

For example, „Transylvanian” food must meet the requirements needed to be considered 100% natural, in the true sense of the word „natural”. By these requirements, Transylvania World understands more than the average European or Westerner considers being „bio”. The food which bears the „Transylvania World” brand logo will be grown in traditional Transylvanian households, the unique environment for „100% natural”, not in farms which, straight from the beginning use diverse chemical elements due to the massive quantities of grown products.

We can continue giving examples but the idea in principle is that all the products licensed by Transylvania World, whether we are talking about food, clothing, decoration items, etc., will reflect the quality and characteristics of products which disappeared long ago from the markets of industrialized countries, but are still being produced in Romania, thanks to the distinctiveness of the traditional Romanian village and household.

Also, we readjust services by standardization, the most relevant example being tourism. Hotel services addressed to tourist niches we intend to bring to Romania have to identify with the specific and uniqueness of Transylvania and its neighboring areas. We cannot create and brand a traditional Transylvanian image by offering the foreign tourist (first time in Romania) accommodation in hostels build only using industrial material, in buildings which have nothing in common with the rustic style and local traditions, in units where kitsch reigns supreme, or in units with visibly disturbing oriental-style elements. Transylvania World licensed units will respect strict standards and conditions in strict accordance with our brand personality.

Transylvania World standards are being developed by the association’s work groups, by specialists, in partnerships with public and private sector members, and then they are published in the „Standardization” section to be consulted by interested manufacturers and service providers. Once accepted, the standard subsequently becomes an integral part of the license agreement.

All specialists and producers interested in developing standards for products or services are invited to contact as for further discussion.


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