Network of theme resorts

A network of theme resorts as alternative to Dracula amusement park in Transylvania

The alternative to Dracula amusement park

The idea of ​​creating a "Dracula" amusement park is not a new one in Romania but nobody managed to capitalize on it. There have been several attempts in this regard but all have failed. Transylvania World aims to analyze the reasons for such an initiative has not been put into practice in the last quarter century, though "Dracula" became a popular global brand which generated, both directly and indirectly, a billion dollar market.

The Hollywood cinematography is not the only beneficiary of these brands; tens of thousands of types of products are traded globally in association with the name "Dracula" and "Transylvania" while Romania, the mother territory of these brands, does not profit financially from this trade. A comprehensive analysis carried out in recent years by members of the Transylvania World association highlights the fact that the "Transylvania" and "Dracula" brands are comparable to leading international brands that generate income in the order of billions, Disney being is a solid example.

From data analyzing we discovered important information which indicates the reasons for which nobody managed to start a "Dracula" theme amusement park as long as the basic conditions for the success of such initiatives.

In a few words, without disclosing the conclusions of studies, we can say that the premise to start such an initiative using "Dracula" as the starting point is flawed from the start. Our analyzes reveal that "Dracula" can be just a character inside of the theme, not the theme itself. Another conclusion is that one cannot start such an initiative planning a simple amusement park; The success is conditioned on building a theme resort, or a network of theme resorts in a large public-private partnership which can ensure a strong and permanent flow of foreign tourists so as to justify the private investment - to ensure the Return Of Investment.

In the following period, Transylvania World association will continue expanding and completing the analysis and then we will start working with key local authorities in order to validate and to try proposing a large public-private partnership in order to initiate a Transylvanian theme resorts project. Such a project could attract investments of several billion dollars, could create thousands of jobs in urban and hinterlands and enable the development of a truly new regional related industry, so this topic deserves all efforts and our attention, regardless of its chances of success.


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