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Although it seems like a matter of minor importance, photo tours and photography in general are the key elements that really managed to promote Romania throughout the world over the past decade, mainly considering the Transylvania region and the Danube Delta areas.

The development of social networks, especially Facebook, has allowed a viral globally transmission of Romania's touristic image, trough photography. In an society which feeds on information and where the cost of advertising and promotion is measured in millions of dollars, the “viral” attributes of ​​photos and short videos circulating for free on social networks means an exceptional chance for Romania to promote its touristic objectives and traditions without the added cost of publicity.

We estimate the total value of favorable publicity for Romania to be around several million dollars. This publicity was gained through social media thanks to the prestigious Romanian photographers in recent years and also through the viral distributing of materials, especially through the redistribution by the Diaspora Romanians.

Transylvania World aims to increase this phenomenon to the maximum level by initiating a system of photo tours (named also "photo workshops ") targeting an increase in foreign prestigious photographers visiting Romania.

In parallel with the brand development for Transylvania, the development of touristic portals and promoting Transylvanian products, our team is initiating an international portal for photo tours, which will be based on special tour packages dedicated for high-caliber international photographers. They can opt for tours in areas of maximum photographical impact assisted by elite Romanian photographers, so that they can capture in a short time goals related to the landscape, fauna and flora, architecture, traditions and all the unique aspects that Romania has to offer, namely the Extended Transylvania area and the Danube Delta.

We try to promote virally Transylvania World, not only through the lens of the Romanian photographer, but also through all the leading photographers worldwide, thus contributing to promoting the undiscovered Transylvania which is fully consistent with the conceptual image generated for the new brand our association is developing.


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