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Summary and overview on Transylvania World association projects

Transylvania World’s own projects (summary)

Transylvania World’s association's projects are dedicated to the development, self-sustaining and increasing brand awareness for Transylvania by stimulating the capitalization of the unique global resources offered by the territory defined by the association as "Transylvanian World". In the same measure, the projects are aimed at protecting, preserving and internationally promoting Transylvanian local traditions and also aimed at an active social-charitable support for various categories of disadvantaged populations, especially for residents of remote mountainous areas in the Carpathian Mountains range.

Our own projects are the result of the association’s research activities; in this sense we do not develop just simple project ideas, but we identify the needs after complex analyzes conducted by our team alongside our experts and members of the various categories of Transylvania World.

Capitalization of Transylvanian products and services

This category of projects incudes the Transylvania World presentation and promotion portal, which mainly relates to international tourism related services and the portals used for globally promoting and selling online traditional products, natural foods and hand-made products either  manufactured in Romania or using raw material supplied from the Transylvanian area.

Portals in this category will be based on another project of the association – the licensing of Transylvanian products and services. This involves the creation of quality standards under which manufacturers and service providers will have the legal right to apply the Transylvanian brand logo or respectively they will have the condition for capitalizing the products by using these instruments.

This category of projects also includes analyzing and initiating a network of theme locations for urban areas and urban proximity, in partnership with local and central administration.

The preservation, protection and promotion of traditional heritage

This chapter includes initiating a complex of traditional Transylvanian villages, creating a vivid sample of what the traditional village and traditional Transylvanian household mean. This project is intended to be realized in partnership with local and central administrations.

Another project is the inauguration of a portal for international photo tours, or so called "photo workshops" whose purpose is to provide worldwide high-caliber professional photographers with an enabling environment, providing Romania favorable exposing of the complex and unique Transylvanian World.

Film and literature

Transylvania gained international acknowledgement in the fantasy literature segment, primarily due to Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" and Jules Verne’s novel "The Carpathian Castle". Subsequently, the Hollywood film industry seized these novels’ themes, developed characters around the vampire and werewolf (werewolf) concepts, which led to the development of global industries with revenues in the order of millions.

Transylvania World Association aims to develop a top Transylvania global brand in order to redefine the territory in the spirit of historical truth, fascinating Dacian mythology and Romanian folklore.

In this regard, we are developing a conceptual base that can form a foundation for top literary and cinematographic transpositions, capable of being acquired by Hollywood productions. This series of projects will take place in parallel with the development of the brand and the increase of its reputation, so as to succeed in forcing the application licensing and brand new concepts Transylvania.

Other projects

Participation in the initiation strategy and preparing strategies for local and regional development with the local authorities, especially in areas with specific touristic potential, initiating projects with social charitable and environmental protection purpose, especially for the Carpathian area, as well as other categories of projects that lead to fulfilling the mission of the association, or related, are considered in short, medium and long turn by the Transylvania World Association.


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