Transylvania online shops

Transylvania online shop for natural and handmade original products

Online shops for traditional product monetization

We develop two types of online stores, along with Transylvanian tourism promotion portal. One is for natural food products while the other refers to hand-made traditional Transylvanian products.

Both shops are based on another project of the association, meaning the development of classifications and proprietary standards for products and services associated to the Transylvanian World. Through research and standardization we impose the producers’ quality standards so that products promoted through two portals provide assurance at an international level in regard to their quality and their authentic Transylvanian origin.

Shops will become an integral part of Transylvania World’s global chain of distribution; they will be the basic tools for promoting the Transylvanian products while indirectly promoting the Transylvanian territory and traditions throughout the world.

The online store for natural foods will promote natural products both finished products and Transylvanian raw natural material for foreign producers who want to license with Transylvania World association. The online portal for hand-made products will promote a trade type "gift shop", exclusive in that it will capitalize only handmade products manufactured by craftsmen and artists from the Transylvania World territory.

The portal for Transylvanian tourist promotion as well as the two online shops will promote the Transylvanian brand and brand logos, so as overall, alongside the other activities of the association, we can continuously grow and expose the Transylvanian World reputation worldwide.


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