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Transylvania travel and promotion portal

One of the main projects of the association is developing a network of online trading platforms, combined into a single access point which is the presentation of Transylvanian World. However this travel network will provide an assembly service dedicated especially to foreign tourists, but also to the internal market.

The travel portal will be based on a set of proprietary classification of tourist services and a set of standards that the association develops and imposes to service providers. The network will be an integral part of the global chain of distribution for Transylvanian products and services, which comprises the association’s foreign subsidiaries and the distributors’ partners.

The key element of this project is to standardize a set of rules and conditions for the accommodation units, which we will impose to Transylvanian guesthouses, lodges and hotels, in order to promote authentic, traditional, rustic tourism, devoid of any elements of kitsch. We only license the accommodations that offer services conforming to international standards and those which by taking advantage of their location, layout and related services give foreign tourists a flawless unique impression compliant to the brand image and its conceptual structure.

In parallel with hotel standards, we develop standards for Transylvanian foods and hand-made products so that with the quality of accommodation we will impose unique quality services related to agro-tourism as well as and a range products such as hand-made "gifts" and "souvenirs" which reflect the Transylvanian traditions and originality.

We define travel packages dedicated to tourist niches missing today from the spectrum of those who visit Transylvania precisely because of the lack of a strong international brand and standards that generate the needed kind of tourist services.

There is a clear and well defined strategy for developing and launching this project of promoting international travel to Transylvania, which not listed here, but which will be found in the portal that the association will soon launch.


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